Our Carnival at Viareggio!

Our Carnival at Viareggio!


Our Carnival in Viareggio!


Today we are at Viareggio Carnival
celebrating it's 146th anniversary!

In a few hours the winner of the traditional parade
consisting of spectacular papier-mâché floats,
made by the master craftsmen of Viareggio,
will be announced.



For several years now "Viali a Mare"
the backdrop of the colourful chariot parades,
has been adorned with our "Viareggio" poles.

They are impressive pole-top systems,
specifically designed for the Tuscan municipality and
installed on 14 metre pre-existing poles. 

The decor of the pole-top arms is a homage
to the liberty style of the town's elegant waterfront
that flourished during a cheerful and exuberant time,
that lay the foundations for the tradition of Carnival.