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LED innovation



Ghisamestieri products have a new LED engine!

Ghisamestieri is proud to announce a new LED module
designed internally by our R&D department
and being fitted to all our lighting fixtures of our product range.

Thanks to this upgrade
most of our light fixtures are guaranteed
to work at 1 Amp at 40°C Ta
maximizing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

In order to fulfil a wide range of technical needs
we have developed Glassed and Glass-free products,
distinguished by different lighting assembly material
and structural design.


This high-efficiency LED module provides a precise light distribution
according to the specific requirements and maximum eye comfort.




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03.May.2018 Ciao Chicago! Are you ready?
14.November.2017 PHAROS: small beacons of light
28.June.2017 Light for Amatrice
29.August.2016 New Section Lightecture
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13-18.March.2016 Ghisamestieri @ Light+Building
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24.September.2015  Ghisamestieri @ "Light India"






"Ghisamestieri, where have you been?"

This was a motto which recurred often
throughout our 1st time at LFI.


Thanks a lot for your warm welcome.

We were literally overwhelmed by your enthusiasm
for our products and delighted to have had the opportunity
to join you all at LFI 2018 as exhibitors and sponsors!

We believe the land of opportunities and Italian “gusto”
is the perfect recipe to success...

...we can’t wait to taste the American Dream!




Special thanks to Enel X, our
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

and Smart Pole solutions partner.




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Ciao Chicago! Are you ready?


After the success of light+building 2018,
Ghisamestieri has not stopped yet.

This week we are leaving for Chicago 
to attend LIGHTFAIR International 2018!

We could not be more excited about it!



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light+building 2018: let's keep in touch!



light+building 2018 for us was an exciting experience:
a moment to meet and discuss with our partners,
the opportunity to receive thoughts and feedback.

Above all it was the confirmation that 
the company is headed in the right direction, 
thanks to the continuous evolution of our products 
and their increasingly higher performances.


Thank you if even for a moment 
you have shared this experience with us!

Our staff is back at work with the desire 
to grow, improve and face new challenges 
with renewed professionalism and enthusiasm!

We would be more than happy to help you


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Ghisamestieri at light+building 2018: come and join us!



March 18th will see the beginning of light+building
the world’s leading trade fair in the lighting industry.
We will be there!
Our team will be waiting for you on stand C89 in hall 5.0, to meet you
and to showcase the newest additions to our line of products,
which will be unveiled for the first time in Frankfurt.


Please contact Mr.Emanuele Turricchia on 
to schedule a meeting during the trade show.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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Ghisamestieri Worldwide: Msheireb Downtown Doha


Ghisamestieri illuminates and furnishes 
the most prestigious and elegant district in Doha.



The aim of Msheireb Downtown Doha project
is to regenerate the historic Heart of Doha
with a new language that merges 
traditional Qatari heritage, a contemporary architectural vernacular
and the latest sustainable technologies.

Ghisamestieri supplied the custom street lighting

and urban furniture designed by 
a prominent London based architecture firm,
Harry Dobbs Design.


The package includes 22m hight lighting poles,
double and single pedestrian scale lighting poles, 
centenary lights and wall lanterns, 
traffic signal, benches, tram shelters, cycle racks, 
drinking fountains, litter bins and bollards.

The continuous collaboration beetween 

the Ghisamestieri team, designers, Msheireb Properties 
and Time Qatar lasted more than four years. 

The excellent result, desired by all the team, 
is a collection of contemporary products 
with modern line and refined finish,
giving Msheireb Downtown Doha
the touch of style that it deserves.

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PHAROS: small beacons of light guiding people throught the night




"Pharos" is a collection of illuminated bollards
with elegant and contemporary shapes
that add value to the surrounding landscape.



The collection includes
three different types of illuminated bollards 
available in three heights 
and a series of two totems.




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Light for Amatrice




Ghisamestieri enlightened the reconstruction 
of Amatrice and the Central Italy earthquake areas.


We have been involved in the realization 
of the lighting system for new residential areas.
It was a duty to give full and immediate availability.


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Ghisamestieri Worldwide: Northern Europe join us!



Ghisamestieri has arrived to Northern Europe! 


Ghisamestieri has enlarged its sales network into the markets of
Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland, confirming its consensus 
 gained in the Netherlands, Belgium and England. 


We are proud to have achieved this result thanks to 
La Foglia and Vesta from Lightetcture collection




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Ghisamestieri Genius for CavaRei


Saturday, April 8 in Forlì was inaugurated the CavaRei Public Park,
a space center and multitude of services in synergy with each other and with the social and urban city context.

The park is the setting of a dynamic reality composed of a multipurpose room,
square, social and employment workshops area for the employment of children with disabilities,
residential areas and development of collaborative projects
with schools and associations.



We had the pleasure to support the creation of the park with the installation
of our urban furniture products  and through the development of the integrated led lighting system
with the Genius system in collaboration with the designers.
The system integrates the lighting poles with surveillance cameras, an image analysis software,
a WiFi connection to access the Internet and audio speakers for sound diffusion.


We are Proud of this realization.
CavaRei is the innovative response to the needs of families with persons with disabilities
not only through the organization of recreational, cultural and educational activities
but also through a complete openness and integration with the reality of the city.


For more details:


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President of Emilia Romagna Region visit Ghisamestieri


We had the pleasure to host Stefano Bonaccini, the President of Emilia Romagna Region, and Gabriele Fratto,
the mayor of Bertinoro, for a meeting with the property and employees.

During the meeting the leadership presented to the Governor the development plan of the company,
it has promoted new products design and advanced the expansion plan.

We are proud to have received the appreciation of the Governor, that has shown a deep interest in our company
as a solid presence, well-rooted in the territory and with a great potential to attract the foreign market.



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New Section Lightecture


Ghisamestieri is proud to introduce the new collection 'Lightecture',
which preview has been displayed with great success at the last Light&Building 2016.

Lightecture offer an innovative illuminotechnical approach to architecture,
completing Ghisamestieri traditional range of urban lighting,
while providing a new choice to Italian and international overview.




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Online configurator

Our Lighting catalogue is available in an online configurator
completely to your disposal to customize the the composition of the pole,
have a tridimensional preview and
download our data-sheets!



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13-18.March.2016 - Frankfurt

Ghisamestieri @ light+building

We would like to thank who'd honorate us visiting 
our stand @ light + building 2016
and appreciating our new  
"Lightecture" collection.

We can't wait to see you all to the next 2018's meeting! 


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18.November.2015 - Singapore

Ghisamestieri in Asia

Ghisamestieri in Asia for an important event:
    product launch at KRISLITE showroom in Singapore.


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16-19.September.2015 - Casablanca.Morocco

Ghisamestieri @ Electritec

Ghisamestieri's products at Morocco lighting exhibition

Thank's to the collaboration with its local partner Ghisamestieri was in Casablanca at Electritec:
on display next to cast iron items the Collection poles.


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13.July.2015 - Ghisamestieri headquarter.Italy

Italian Minister of labour visited Ghisamestieri

"This company is the picture of an entire country with a rich story and a huge development potential."

These are the words of Mr. Giuliano Poletti, the italian Minister of Labour and Social Policy,
that today came to Ghisamestieri to visit the farm and met all the employees.
The meeting has been a nice opportuny to evalute the new products
and the issues that the Minister and Ghisamestieri most care about:
the continuous route jobs updating and the integration of young people in the labour market.


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29.April.2015 - Ghisamestieri headquarter.Italy

Ghisamestieri meets Spain

Thanks to the countinuous research and commercial development in Europe and 
worldwide, Ghisamestieri team introduced
new spanish network sales

During a meeting of 3 days, where quality, soustanibility and design have been
the key words, the agents were trained and prepared to deal with the challenges
of European and Spanish market.



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10.February.2015 - Ghisamestieri headquarter.Italy

Ghisamestieri Street Lighting

Ghisamestieri presents "Street Lighting"
the new collection of street lighting fixtures, projected in the name of 
functionality, design and reliability.



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27.November.2014 - Moscow.Russia

Ghisamestieri @ Interlight Moscow

Thank's to the collaboration to its local distributor,
Ghisamestieri export and project team was in Moscow
feom the 11th to the 14th of November to partecipate
for thefirst time at Interlight Moscow,
a very important fair for  light  industry, to present:
new collection 
new concept 
new phase of brand life.


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10.November.2014 - Ghisamestieri headquarter.Italy

The timeless aestetic of the "Collections"

Ghisamestieri presents the Collections:
a compilation of lighting fixtures characterized by
simple and unusual lines at the same time,
shaped to achieve the perfect balance between the
methapor of the form and the functionality of the content.

The Collections is a selection of unique lighting systems,
featuring a timeless aestetich that can illuminate
historical and contemporary architectural environments.